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Soul Sister Description


‘Who knows what women can be 

when they are finally free

to be themselves?’ 

– Betty Freidan


When is the last time you really felt like yourself?

What is essential for you to give, or to experience during your lifetime to ensure you won’t die disappointed?

How has meeting the needs of others left you feeling exhausted or incomplete?

What’s the connection between your ‘symptoms’ and your soul’s desire to live an authentic life?


The purpose of Soul Sister is to reconnect with, and practice living from the centre of our own authentic being, even in the midst of a sea of expectations from the world around us.

CJ Jung called this essential task of becoming fully ourselves ‘individuation’, and while it is an individual task, it cannot be accomplished alone. Soul Sister supports us to consciously engage in our own individuation process, while we simultaneously learn to witness and support the individuation of other women.  We come together to become more fully ourselves, with courage, support, respect and wonder for what we discover. 

Willow Brocke & Associates offers monthly Soul Sister Workshops where women find a safe and supportive place to share their stories, re-discover their connection to their own authentic and instinctive life energy, and practice becoming an ‘enlightened witness’ for the essential development of other women as well as for themselves.

If you have been on your own personal growth journey for a while and you are looking for the next step in your development, A Soul Sister workshop may be right for you.

Soul Sister for Women at Midlife

Soul Sister for Women in the 20s & 30s


What to Expect from Soul Sister:

Each session combines direct learning, mindful creative practices, sharing and personal reflection. No creative ability is required. Suggestions may be made for ‘homework’ between sessions to deepen the benefits of the work.  Official guidelines will be shared and practiced at each session that allow for a safe and supported experience for all participants. 

Please wear loose comfortable clothing in layers to adjust for room temperature.  Make sure your clothes are washable – art making materials will be present and you might want to get messy!


Feedback from Recent Participants:

"Participating in Soul Sister provided me with a unique opportunity to connect with my inner self under the skillful and gentle guidance of the facilitators, while also feeling supported by a group of mature and sensitive peers. Being supported by others on my journey of self-discovery through my participation in Soul Sister has been invaluable.”

  • E.A. 

“It took me awhile to decide to enroll in Soul Sisters and I was reticent when I showed up the first time. But I found the facilitators to be dynamic warm, calm, compassionate and genuinely kind. Activities gently encouraged self-reflection through various creative modalities and sharing with other participants.  Being part of Soul Sister was an important part of reclaiming my own power and it was also a lot of fun!”

  • K.W

“I experienced such profound shifts since participating in Soul Sister.  Doing this work collectively with other women, creating and holding space for each other to hear and share our stories has been so profound.  I have I have more courage and I know the seed of this courage was planted by my Soul Sister experience.  Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in Soul Sister…I look forward to continuing the journey!”

  • P.N.


Upcoming Events:


September Soul Sister 

A fun and powerful one-day workshop supporting women 

to rediscover their instincts, reconnect with their soul’s desires and reclaim the power to live their own fully authentic life. 


Saturday, September 17, 2016


Saturday, October 1, 2016 


10 am to 6 pm



Soul Sister Studio

4823 Benson Road NW, Calgary, AB T2L 1R9




(fees may be reimbursed by extended benefit coverage and are tax deductible) 


Contact Or call (403) 918-7520

for more info or to register for a Soul Sister Workshop



About the Facilitators:

Willow Brocke, BSW, M.Ed (Psych), RSW, has over 20 years of experience leading women's groups and is principal therapist at Willow Brocke & Associates.

Sophia Marlow, Soc. Wk. (dip) is an artist and performer who is currently working toward  her BSW as well as completing certification as an Expressive Arts Therapist. She has successfully co-led Art and Soul exploration groups in Calgary. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the Soul Sister experience!

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